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As a supreme being who has lawful merit to life, liberty, and property read below: 

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Right to Travel Identification:


Every free Natural being on the earth has the ability (right) to travel freely unimpeded.   If you are interested in obtaining one of these Common Law I.D.'s that never have to be renewed, you would be making a big step forward in releasing yourself from debt enslavement.  Only recently have we the supreme beings of the planet been duped into getting a license in order to drive.  

The only reason one needs to go to the Motor Vehicle (debt collectors) office and pay them for your inherit right to travel is for business purposes only.  “The Right of a citizen to Travel upon the public highways and to transport one’s property thereon, either by carriage or automobile, is not a mere privilege which a city may prohibit or permit at will but a common right which he / she has under the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  Thompson v. Smith 154SE 579: 

As you can see from this previous case citation it was argued that one cannot be charged for an ability that comes naturally to every mobile being on the planet.  Being able to move freely and about whether it's in your personal conveyance (automobile) or walking on the public roads cannot be stopped by a mere statutory code labled as an infraction.  The Constitution strictly speaks about Common Laws that govern all men.  One of them is the ability to travel to one's destination without restraint.

One example of your right to travel is when people rode horses for a living, this is most popular in those old Western movies.  The person, whether man or woman would simply hop on the animal and ride toward their place of interest.  No license no policy enforcers checking I.d.'s  A horse is a living being that has an unpredictable nature like most beings that are biologically alive today.  Your personal conveyance or automoblie is not, it is a perfectly calibrated piece of mechanics that produces consistent functions.  So much so, that most of us including myself expect when we turn the ignition key the engine will magically come to life and take us to where we are going!

Yet, unlike the horse it does not need to eat, it is not susceptible to diseases, and it can even keep functioning after being hit with a few arrows and bullets.  Also anything that is incalculable is dangerous.  So why do we need a license in order to travel on the public roads?  Is it because of safety?  It can't be, when horses were less sound than the 4000 pound metal box you are traveling in today.  

It must be something else then....

It definately is something else, something more sinister than you could ever believe, it is still about generating revenue off of human cattle or slaves.  When we reference history we notice that during slavery the people who were oppressed by ruthless masters had to account daily for where they were going.  Sound familiar yet?  To the point that leaving the plantation meant getting a pass from your master.  Back then the United States of America was made up of sovereign territory,  the states as republics were operating as their own countries within the Federally owned government.  The modern day passport is an excellent example of this.  

Do you see now that the "driver's license" works as a contract, to seal you to a debt, governed by the state.  It is no different if you hire a "licensed contractor" to paint your house, he/she is getting payed to give you a service-THE PRIVILEGE of painting your home, where you have the right to do it yourself!

According to Constitutional Law which is the only Law of this land, everyone has the right to travel unless they are doing business on a public road.  Always remember traveling in your personal conveyance (automobile) is not a privilege but your right!  "Even the legislature has no power to deny to a citizen the right to travel upon the highway and transport his property in the ordinary course of his business or pleasure, though this right may be regulated in accordance with the public interest and convenience." Chicago Motor Coach v. Chicago, 169 NE 22




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Information Packages:


Want to learn more about how to aquire constitutional power?   And  free yourself from the "color of law," which has infected most United States courts like the plague?  You've come to the right place we have a lot of packages that can provide answers to your most fustrating questions.  For example, how are policy enforcers (cops) allowed to get away with searching me when I have commited no crime? The answer is you have not commanded and demanded your authority as a Natural being with universal rights under Common Law.

  Keep on reading to learn more!

Common Sense Inc., has the key to unlock your potential as a legal contender in the game of Law. From motions and affidavits to extensive research about your particular case, we can help.  Each subject differs so we make sure to handle each person on an individual basis.  As unqiue beings on this planet each of us has direct access to our inner expertise in any given field.  We would like to give you the fundemental truth that awaits inside of you now, that is your birthright.

Prices vary due to different prepared documents but our customer service is always willing to guide you through the process.  Finally, your packet will be sent to you as a PDF file, easly downloadable to any device.

*If you would like us to create motions and other legal forms for you, please go to the Representing Yourself in Court: section of FEATURES, if you scroll down to the next box you will see it... 




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Representing yourself in Court:


We provide the tools and information needed in order to get you started on your legal journey.  We also create the necessary documents to file like motions and affidavits to ensure a fast and easy process.   Understanding that your time is better used preparing to do battle in the courtroom.

Most of us including myself have been programed to believe we do not have the skillfulness to defend ourselves in a court room.  This is so widely accepted that many of us decide to spend thousands on incompetent lawyers or clever attorneys in order to “bargain” with the judge.  What if we told you that it doesn’t make sense when it comes to defending your life, liberty, and property by allowing another person to handle your entire legal affairs.

First, let us break down some simple definitions from the Merriam Webster’s dictionary to prove that these so called hustlers for the State rely on your ignorance to make fantastic financial deals.  A lawyer means, one who conducts lawsuits for clients or advises as to legal rights and obligations in other matters.   An attorney is one who is legally appointed to transact business on another’s behalf.

We see that both these significant positions are entirely different from what our preconceived notions were before.  If you were like us at one time you may have believed the person you hired to represent you was one-in-the-same.  But, we can see clearly that this is not true.  Let’s break down both these two representatives quickly.

Your lawyer basically can “legally” file your case (lawsuit).   Your attorney (public defender) is the one who can broker a deal with the court (judge).  Those of you that have experienced these types of people, they love to settle lawsuits with a plea bargain.  Why is that?

It is because the statutory kangaroo courtrooms of today are financial institutions playing a game to make you believe they uphold the Constitution of the United States.  Anytime you sign a legal contract for these counselors to help you, now you have no other option then to go along with the so called rules of the judicial system that has no constitutional authority over you.   The government depends on you not to recognize the details of this massive racket, like the American flag situated behind the judge’s stand with the YELLOW fringes along the edges.  This represents the admiralty military tribunal venue jurisdiction.  When we walk before the stand and make our plea we are submitting to a commercial court no longer under Common Law!

Another thing to remember is when terms like Pro Se’ were developed it was based off of the 5th Amendment under the Bill of Rights.  (Which basically states that a person cannot be prosecuted or punished without being given due process. Due process is a person's legal rights under the law which includes being served with notice, and having the right to be heard and defend himself or herself. This ensured that there was an actual criminal procedure that took place, and prevented people from being unjustly taken from their homes and punished without a trial. In addition, a person has the right to remain silent, so that he or she does not fall victim to self-incrimination).

Now if we look into our past, around the time of slavery, we will see that this did not protect us from being punished and taken away from our loved ones.  Slaves are considered property.   Ignorance is no excuse concerning the Law.   But, knowledgeable people are considered Gods, who walk among the ignorant as liberators.  And remember, the Constitution was never meant to benefit the elite corporate structure, it was meant to give confidence to the common man who claimed his authority over this land!

The question now to ask yourself is which one are you???






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